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Do You Know Who Is Using Your Art?

Claim Your Copyright For Free And Find Out!

Digital Certificate

Each claim includes a certificate with cryptographic proof recorded on the bitcoin blockchain. Giving you basic copyright protection which can help you remove copyright violations.

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Copyright Matches

When you claim a copyright, we search the web for matches and show you the results. Most artists are surprised by what they find!

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Professional Artist Profile

We give you a user profile that shows all your copyrights and certificates. Looking more professional and trustworthy can help you make more money from clients.

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Artists Love Blockai

Blockai gives me peace of mind. It's like super copyright.
Martin Hsu
Character Artist
Martin Hsu
Ioan "John" Bazavan
Blockai saves me time and money, leaving more time to focus on my passion.
Ioan "John" Bazavan
Digital Illustrator
Blockai is a fast way to prove photography ownership claims on the internet. Clean and novel approach utilizing the blockchain.
Chaz Carlson
Visionary Lunatic & Photographer
Chaz Carlson