Blockai for Twitter

Claim the copyright for your photos using Twitter.

As seen on TechCrunch and Product Hunt

Claim your copyright with 3 simple steps!

  1. Sign up for Blockai with Twitter.
  2. Tweet an image using #blockai.
  3. Receive a link to your copyright claim.

Pro-tip: put the title in quotes. Ex: "title" #blockai

Digital Certificate

When you claim a copyright using #blockai we write a permanent record on the blockchain. We give you a digital certificate with proof.

Trusted Portfolio

For every copyright you claim, you're automatically building a trusted portfolio of all of your work. Think of it as a place for all your copyrights.

Track your copyrights

We search the web to find where your copyrights are being used. Soon we will give you actions to take against infringers and ways to make money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to build more integrations?

Yes! Twitter is the first of many! Let us know which integration you'd like to see next !

Can I win money in a lawsuit with a Blockai certificate?

In most of the world you probably can. In the U.S. you must register with the U.S. Copyright office to win money in a lawsuit. You can however make someone stop using your copyrighted work or request they pay you.

We are working on an optional service that registers copyrights on Blockai with the U.S. Copyright Office. Get in touch if you'd like to try the beta version.

What if someone falsely claims my copyright?

If someone claims a copyright that isn't theirs using Blockai, they've just created a permanent proof that they committed fraud. Also, we are working on technology to help identify fraudulent registrations.

How many copyright records are in the Blockai copyright database?

Over 1 million and growing. We expect to be the largest copyright database on the internet by early next year.

Will you charge for copyright claims in the future?

No. Copyright claims on Blockai will be free forever!